IIT Kharagpur has received over 1,600 offers for placement, highest salary Rs. 2.4 crore

According to the statement of the premier institute, Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur students received over 1,600 job offers. This is the highest number of IITs. This feat was achieved by IIT Kharagpur in Phase I, 2021. The target was met within 10 days, according to a statement released Saturday.

IIT Kharagpur

A student received the highest offer of Rs.2.4 crore, while 22 students were offered in the CTC range Rs. 0.9 to 2.4 crore. IIT Kharagpur completed the placement phase for this year in December 11. The second phase will begin in January 2022.

It began with IIT Kharagpur’s Career Development Centre (CDC), receiving 400 pre-placement offers. IIT KGP placed 1500 students in its seventh day of placement drive, which was December 7, 2021. This placement rate is higher than any previous years. Students from IIT Kharagpur received over 22 offers in CTC range Rs 0.9-2.4 crore, of which more than 10 were made by local companies.

There are more than 35 international offers. This has led to an overall increase of international offers per day. The average number per company has increased as well. This milestone has been achieved by more than 245 companies.

Companies from all sectors, including software, high level coding, analytics and consulting, core engineering companies as well as banking/finance and high-frequency trading, participated in this year’s process.

The statement stated that the successful placement session Google, Microsoft and Micron Technology were the first. This was followed by Honeywell, Excel, Uber, Honeywell and many other valuable partners. 

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