CBSE Released Term 2 Sample Papers. Plan your last 2 months exam strategy - Times of India

CBSE Released Term 2 Sample Papers. Plan your last 2 months exam strategy – Times of India

CBSE Term 1 result is about to be announced. Meanwhile, CBSE has released the sample paper for Term 2 and made them available on its official website via CBSE circular no. Acad-07/2022 dated 14-01-2022. There is no change in the pre-determined pattern and syllabus of the Term 2 exam.

  • The term 2 board exam for class-10th & 12th will be conducted in March-April, 2022.
  • The exam will be conducted in a subjective format for 2 hours for the remaining 50% of the syllabus.

So, now you must burst out all the confusions about the Term 2 exam pattern and start practicing for CBSE Term 2 Exams.

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For subjective exams every student must have a firm grasp of concepts and a good writing practice according to marking schemes. You should study from the books made for CBSE term 2 and have enough practice questions. MTG’s 100 Percent Exam Ready series and Sample papers are successful candidates, which has left a remarkable result during CBSE Term 1 exams also. The series is now available for CBSE Term 2 as well.

“MTG’s 100 Percent Exam ready series has successfully helped students achieve excellent scores by striking 99.9% concept clarity and covering 85% same or similar questions in the term-1 exams”.

Below are some tips that can help you throughout your preparation and lead you to perfect scores-

a. Practice from comprehensive questions banks.

Current Scenarios are very unpredictable but, you must ensure that your preparation is up to the mark. Study from concept-oriented question banks so that you have better clarity of concepts. Ensure coverage of concepts and ample practice of questions of both typologies of questions. To do so, you can study from MTG’s CBSE Term 2 Exam Ready Question Banks.

For successful completion of your syllabus of term 2 exams, the book provides,

  • Concise theory for the revision of chapters after reading from textbooks.
  • A perfect Practice Time through a vast typology of Objective and Subjective questions.
  • An error-free syllabus for error-free preparation.
  • 3 Practice papers based upon the CBSE syllabus of Term 2 exams for an assessment of preparation.

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b. Devote equal time to each subject.

You have limited time, and thus, you must ensure to study from an unbiased timetable. Devote equal time for revision of each subject.

Before practising questions, study from the books that are easy to understand. Reference books with an easy language will help you understand concepts, and you will not have to spend too much time in mugging them up.

MTG’s 100 Percent and MTG’s NCERT at your Fingertips series cover concepts of class 10th & 12th syllabus in a comprehensive language, have almost 100+ questions based on NCERT.

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c. Solve Maximum number of Sample papers.

CBSE has just released one set of sample papers for Term 2 exams and confirm that it will be subjective in nature. In subjective exams, students usually run out of time. Hence, solving a series of sample papers will help you understand the pattern and manage time during the exam. MTG CBSE term 2 sample papers are curated strictly based on latest pattern and syllabus. There are 10 sample papers with marking scheme and blue print.

Buy CBSE Board Term 2 Class 10th & 12th Sample Papers –

d. Read, Write and learn.

We recommend you to write more during the learning sessions. Some benefits of writing and making notes are,

  • It will help you have concept clarity, and you will be able to memorize concepts for longer periods.
  • Writing and learning will restore your writing speed, which will benefit you during the 2 hours of term 2 exams.
  • It will also help you improve your answer framing ability.

e. Don’t Forget; Health comes First.

Due to the new Omicron variant, recent times are filled with unpredictable highs and lows. Only you can ensure your safety from the infection, whether at the exam centre or in your day-to-day life. Prioritize the vaccination process and get vaccinated with scheduled doses. Also, spread awareness about the vaccination. Avoid unnecessary gatherings and follow all the precautionary measures even if you have to go out.

Summing up-

Having only about 60 days in hand, you need to do a quick revision and exhaustive practice of questions. MTG CBSE Term 2 Question bank and Sample papers are there to give you robust practice. Work hard and ensure a good result in term 2 exams. Remember, the final result will be compiles taking marks of both term 1 and term 2. Thus, even if you could not do well in the term 1 exams, you still have a chance to improve your results through term 2 exams.

All the best!

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